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  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    Truth set me free. It took me out of a life of horrific abuse and poverty into a life of professional and financial success beyond my wildest dreams. This series of...

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  • Are You Ready for the Economic Rebound?

    8 Strategies You Can Use While You're Waiting. So What are you doing while you are waiting for the economy to bounceback? Some business owners are just hanging on for dear...

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  • Negotiating During a Business Downturn

    Negotiation skills have always been crucial for sales professionals, but have become increasingly more essential in today's economy and turbulent business environment. The prevailing bottom-line climate forces a constant pressure...

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  • The Vision

    You really have to have the courage to think big in articulating a daring and exciting vision of the future for yourself, your team, and your company that inspires your...

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  • Leaders Who Coach

    When we think about leadership, words such as vision, inspiration, strategic thinking, and charisma, come to mind. The word coaching isn't something that commonly appears on the list. Coaching is...

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  • The Business Impact of Specialized Pre-Sales Programs

    For companies that provide complex solutions, pre-sales personnel provide critical technical expertise in convincing prospective customers to choose our solutions. In hi-tech, chemicals, materials, manufacturing systems, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, financial...

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  • Don't Take it all so Seriously

    Workaholism: We all know the guy who treats his job as life and death. Every activity is very serious, he works 65 hours a week, and, due to exhaustion, has...

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  • Love My Alliances, Hate Negotiation

    Everything in life is a compromise; everything in life is a negotiation. We all seem stifled by the word and implications that surround negotiating. Yet what most of us do...

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  • Getting Workers to Share Their Know-How

    As sales boomed at ExactTarget Inc., it became increasingly difficult for the sales-support staff to handle all the queries from the software provider's sales force. Sales representatives, needing client information or...

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  • Texting and the Presidential Elections

    Mobile marketing is tailor-made for political campaigns, giving them the ability to put a compelling message in each individual's hand. Mobile entertainment community Limbo recently conducted a 1-million SMS campaign...

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