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Wilson Learning is a global leader in leadership development, sales development, workforce development, and performance improvement solutions. Decades of collective experience have equipped us with proven best practices for amplifying the capabilities within your organization, enabling your people to perform at their best. So you can feel confident in partnering with Wilson Learning.

Leadership Development

Engage others . . . Commit their full energy . . . Create value and success

There has never been a more challenging time for business leaders at all levels. Do your management and leadership teams have the training, expertise, tools, and vision to drive strategy, achieve results, create employee engagement, and deliver value to customers and shareholders?

Competent leadership at all levels is the foundation of your company’s success. To achieve your business goals, your leaders require management development and leadership training to develop the key skills and behaviors needed.

Wilson Learning’s suite of leadership development solutions offers opportunities for growth and continuous learning for managers and leaders at all levels of the organization:

Sales Development

Deliver customer value . . . Build lasting customer relationships . . . Achieve strategic goals . . . Drive business results

Your salesforce is your most powerful source of competitive advantage, offering customer value your competitors can’t match. With Wilson Learning’s unique approach to sales development, every member of your sales team acquires the competence and confidence to be both a trusted advisor to the customer and a strategist who consistently wins profitable deals for your organization.

Wilson Learning’s suite of sales development solutions offers opportunities for growth and continuous learning for salespeople and sales support members at every level of experience:

Workforce Development

Highly effective individuals . . . Performance with fulfillment

Employees are the cornerstone of your business; they’re the source of innovation, new advances, efficiencies, and, ultimately, customer engagement. Do your employees have the mindset, urgency, skills, tools, and capability to achieve the organization’s goals, while delivering value to customers?

Wilson Learning’s suite of workforce development solutions offers opportunities for growth and continuous learning focused in these areas:

Learning Services

Comprehensive . . . Holistic . . . Integrated . . . Sustainable

Build a learning initiative customized to suit your needs. Wilson Learning partners with you to create custom, integrated learning initiatives. Our specialists with expertise in needs assessment, design and development, delivery and facilitation, coaching, sustainability, and measurement ensure a successful learning implementation.

The Wilson Learning difference is felt in the synergy that occurs when our comprehensive learning services are blended with our proven content. We create performance improvement solutions that help you achieve the business results you need. We are flexible and responsive, and we work rigorously to ensure every learning solution advances the targeted skills and behaviors to drive business results.

To find out more about our comprehensive learning services, click on a specific learning service and take a closer look.

Achieving Proven Results

Our solutions are designed to foster permanent positive change across your organization, developing skills your people can use every day to perform their jobs better. The resulting lift in productivity and engagement boosts overall business performance, delivering results that are measurable and sustainable.

Spanning the Globe

Wilson Learning is an international company with an extensive network of experienced consultants around the globe. Whether your sales teams or regional offices are in Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Bogotá, or Paris, we have people who live and work there. We won’t need translators or expensive travel arrangements, because our people live where they work around the world, in more than 50 countries—with capabilities to deliver content in more than 25 languages.

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