The Training Industry Conference & Expo workshop topics are based on the emerging issues that most affect leaders of learning and development. At TICE 2018, choose from over 40 workshop sessions covering topics including, Content Development, Data & Measurement, Leadership Development, Learning Technologies and Strategic Alignment.

Content Development

Batter Up!: Helping Your SMEs to Get on Base with Terminal Learning Objectives
Trent D. Bartholomew, Amtrak

Build It and They Won’t Come! Unless You Market Learning
Thomas Harrell, Master Electronics; Libby Powers, BizLibrary

Case Study: Design Solutions. Think Success.
Kendra Lester, JetBlue Airways

Content Strategy: Not Just for Marketers
Bianca Baumann, EventMobi

Microlearning on a Micro Budget
Steve Shorey, EFBG Consulting

Step-by-Step: Make Writing User Guides as Easy as 1-2-3!
Jeannie Szombathy, Cathie Logan and Latanya Washington, AIG

Virtual Class Best (and Worst) Practices through Experimentation
April DeLac, NCR

Virtual Success: Training >6,000 Learners Using VILT
Kim Davis, Michael Dolata and Stephanie Post, Sysmex America Inc.

WAKE and SHAKE Them Up! Injecting Fun into Onboarding
Kati Ryan, Distil Networks

Working with an IT SME: Catching a Cat By its Tail
Martha Miles, Micron Technology, Inc.

Data & Measurement

Demonstrating Business Value: Applying Data Science to Training Measurement
Amy DuVernet, Training Industry, Inc.; Chris Kubisiak, PDRI; Christina Gutierrez, Marriott International; Jessica Thornton, Wells Fargo; Tiffany Poeppelman, LinkedIn

Jumpstart: The Digital Transformation of Girl Scouts Volunteer Training
Kelly Parsons and Vidya Krishnan, Ericsson; Donna Tharp, and Ashley Crowe, Girl Scouts of NE Texas

Pre-assessments: Assess Your Way to Success
Chris Durbetaki and Toni Ferbrache, Anthem, Inc.

Transform Your Learning Results with Data from Measurable Instructional Design
Laura Paramoure, eParamus and Chris Cassell, Align Technology

Using Learning Data to Predict and Alter Business Outcomes
JD Dillon, Axonify

Leadership Development

Accelerate Potential: Get More People in the Game Faster
Janice Burns, DDI

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
Judi Bader, Arby’s Restaurant Group; Julie Kirsch, CohnReznick LLC; Tricia Inderhees, Cincinnati Insurance Company

HiPo Hiccups A Case Study of Implementing Multilevel Leadership Development Initiatives
Dr. Kristal Walker, Guitar Center, Inc.

Leading a Learning Organization
Katy Tynan, CoreAxis Consulting

Learning Technologies

Digital Badges The What, The Why and The How
Dr. Carol Gravel, Global Knowledge; Peter Janzow, Pearson

Driving Competency and Confidence Across a Global Sales Team with Mobile Video Training and Coaching
Chelsea Peedin, RedHat; Christen Burke, Allego

Gamification: The Latest Techniques
Andrew Joly, LEO Learning; Gene Stone, LOMA

Immersive Technologies: Creating a Smarter and Better Working Environment
Derek Belch, STRIVR

Making a Business Case for Incorporating New Training Methods and Technologies
Dr. Bill Brantley, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; John D. Richardson, National Aerospace Solutions, LLC; Amanda Loch, Olympus America, Inc.; Kerry Troester, Lenovo

Unleashing Superheroes: Creating a Digital Learning Strategy for the Modern Workplace
Juliette Denny, Growth Engineering

Virtual Reality: A Real-World Hilton + SweetRush Case Study
John-Carlos Lozano, SweetRush; Blaire Bhojwani, Hilton

What do a Television Series, Learning, and Gamification Have in Common?
Debra M. Farmer and Sara Pranio, NOAA

Performance Management

How Mobile Reinforcement Protects Your Learning Investment
Shahin Sobhani, SwissVBS

Manage as a Coach: Transform Employee Engagement and Relationships
Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones, Pitney Bowes

Talent: The Best Kept Secret in Business Transformation
Tejas Vashi, Learning@Cisco

The Three Conversations of Effective Coaching
Mike Esterday and Derek Roberts, Integrity Solutions

There’s No “Selfie” in “Ussie:” Managing Millennials Today for Stronger Organizations Tomorrow
Alycia Angle, Ochsner Health System

Strategic Alignment

Business Consulting Skills for L&D Professionals
Brian Blecke and Kelly Smith, Actio Learning

From Failed Strategy to Successful Reinvention
Tiffany McLean, General RV Center

Going Agile: The Transformational Results of a Customized E-Learning Program
Mariam Leon, Cisco Systems; Sarah Lindberg, The Training Associates

Lessons Learned in Launching an LMS
Lance Sinclair, Direct Energy